The celebrity social experiment that redefines "star power".

Programme overview


We are constantly judging one another, both in our social lives, and through our social media, and no one is more susceptible to public opinion than our celebrities and stars. But imagine if you could rate a celebrity…based on how they live their everyday life. 

In CelebRated, a ground-breaking celebrity social experiment, a diverse group of eight celebrities and infamous personalities, all in need of a little “Reputation Rejuvenation” (from a pop one-hit-wonder to a disgraced TV villain), will be sent to live together in a small town in America, where every resident has access to an exclusive CelebRated App, which they will use to rate and comment on every interaction they have with the celebrities in the town, on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. 

After six weeks, in an experiment that redefines “star power,” we find out if the celebrities can succeed in revitalising their reps, and regain 5-star public respect, because before they can win over the mainstream, they’ll have to win over Main Street. 

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