Brand Entertainment

We consult and partner with brands who seek to engage with mass audiences through production, distribution and marketing of entertainment programmes

The Cost of Winning

Inspiring HBO docuseries developed and produced by The Story Lab and SMAC Entertainment for Gillette in the US, together with social ‘story stretches’ and scholarships for featured student-athletes that embodied ‘Gillette’s The Best Men Can Be’ purpose.

Disconnessi On The Road

Factual entertainment five-episode series developed for Corona where influential celebrities travel to hidden paradise spots across Italy, produced with Mediaset for Italia Uno commission.

Game of Clones

Youngest Media’s award winning dating reality show that started in the UK continues to clone singletons internationally having just landed in Brazil and Amazon Prime Latin America.

Nutella Advent Calendar

Culinary lifestyle 24 episode digital series inspiring families to create an unforgettable Christmas by connecting all generations around preparing deserts full of flavours with Nutella.
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