Battle of the Bands

We love singing shows. We love reality competitions. What happens when the two collide?

Programme overview


Five girls – and five guys – are moving in to our popstar loft to form a boyband and a girlband. And YOU are the judges. Because we’re taking the power from the experts. And putting it in the hands of the people. Who will be left standing when the music stops?

Each week our bands must prepare for battle – rehearsing singles they’ll perform on stage in the centre of our reality house. The singles are released on our app and the fans decide which they like the most. The losing band now face a huge decision – who to nominate to get fired. Any one nominated faces the elimination sing off. They have 24 hours to prepare – and it’ll be the winning band who sends someone home.

Each episode ends with a new guy and girl arriving in the loft. The losing band has a space so has to take on the new band member. The winning band have a choice – is there a weak link they want to get rid of? Should they replace someone?

With challenges to push our contestants emotionally, alongside parties to really live the popstar lifestyle, Battle of the Bands delivers explosive reality as well – power struggles, love triangles, friendships and feuds.

After weeks of cut throat competition our bands try to become the best band in the loft – lose their weakest members and bring in new ones. And it all comes down to a big finale where our bands perform one last single – and based on their fans vote, one band will win an album deal with a major label.

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