Back to Nature

Educate, activate and make a difference.

Programme overview


We are facing a biodiversity crisis throughout the world. Our urbanisation has ruined the habitats of thousands of species across the globe. In Back to Nature, our hosts are on a mission, to re-establish as much nature as possible; bringing the nation together, to show that a little action from everyone can go a long way. Across the series, individuals throughout the country are shown what they can be doing to help rewild their community. By the end of the series, we can see the long-term changes and benefits to our environment as well as the shift in the attitude of the people. 

This scalable show can focus on one community, city, region or even have the whole nation competing to show how much a difference they can make! This primetime experimental format both entertains as well as educates, encouraging everyone to do their part in transforming the nature around us.

This award-winning show has been recommissioned in Denmark, where it launched on public broadcaster DR1, the show had real-world implications, resulting in changes to governmental policies. Series 2 looks set to be even greater as they get the whole of Denmark involved.

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