Apartment to Dream House

A new tv experiment gives you the blueprints to become the owner of a luxury house.

Programme overview


Can you get rich from buying, renovating, and selling real estate? We’re about to find out in this high-octane property flipping format. We see if we can go from a small one bedroom apartment to a luxury beach house in just one series. Taking one real estate agent and one designer, lets watch them work real estate magic. 

The team start the series by buying an old fashioned one-bedroom apartment for a bargain price. Using their experience and talent (and their own money!), they fix up the flat and flip it, selling it for profit in record time. They then use this profit to continue to buy a bigger property in a more desirable location. With each property flipped, can they get to their dream property by the end of the series?

A recommissioned hit format from Denmark, is the rest of the world ready to learn the secret of property flipping? This show is about more than just turning a profit, we see two friends take on a huge challenge whilst having fun along the way. The big question is: will they make it to their dream home?

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