All Star Dance Off

If you can't get on... Get Down!

Programme overview


In this brand-new comedy entertainment show, real celebrities settle fake beefs in stunning dance battles.​

In empty playgrounds and abandoned quarries, petrol stations and shopping centres, celebrities are confronting their issues. Not by fighting, not by talking, not by consulting their PR. They’re working it out… with dance. ​

Fictional beefs are explained via an animated re-enactment, hilariously outlining the history and specifics of the rivalry. An official in uniform (played by a character comedian) arrives with their boombox presses play and the dance-off is on. We are treated to the dance-off to end all dance-offs, settling this preposterous celebrity rivalry once and for all. ​

Hosted from our hub by a pair of comedians who introduce the show and commentate on the dances, this hilarious and highly entertaining format aired in a prime-time slot on ITV2, UK. This scalable comedy format taps into local trends where iconic dance sequences from movies and music videos are recreated to hilarious effect. 

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