9 Windows

Do you know your neighbour?

Programme overview


9 Windows is a unique gameshow-meets-talent contest that celebrates ordinary people with outlandish skills. Set in an iconic, interactive studio setting, each episode features nine contestants, all beamed in from their homes via ‘nine windows’ in the form of giant, on-set screens.   

Every episode is centred around a theme that connects its competitors – whether it’s a shared interest or a special ability. Across three compelling and hilarious rounds, the contestants reveal their extraordinary hidden talent – anything from intricate body camouflaging or building famous landmarks from jelly, to blowing out candles with a power-punch. 

From the start, contestants must amaze a studio jury, accumulating as many “likes” as possible to make it through to the final round and the chance to win a cash prize. Throughout the series, a famous comedy host keeps the laughs coming and action running in this highly original show, which includes viewer play-along at every stage. 9 Windows aired on Nippon TV on 24th September 2020 with average share of 23.5%, it outperformed all the competition in its timeslot as well as the channel slot average.

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